Le sport est un outil pédagogique
Sport as a teaching tool
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Team Delf

The Strasbourg Thai Boxing association was created in 1997 with the aim of helping young people reintegrate both socially and professionally through sport and effort.

The association, through its dedicated trainers, share the fundamental values of discipline, tolerance, sharing and fair-play.

Every year, more and more members, coming from different horizons, join us, ensuring a social balance within the club. For Delfim Antonio, the founder of the club, « everybody learns from each other »

The club has now 95 members, men, women and children who are between 3 and 57 years old.   They are trained by 3 certified trainers and their mentor, Delfim Antonio, several times European champion and national champion at a professional level.


Delfim Antonio STB


Head Trainer

There is a good spirit in Muay Thai. I also like the traditional Thai values this sport conveys. People who practice Muay Thai are also very respectful toward each other.

Hamed STB


Adults’ trainer

Muay Thai is a sport that helps you challenge yourself, it gives you the opportunity to know yourself better. The values that this sport conveys, such as listening, self-sacrifice, determination and assiduity can also be useful in your personal and professional life. And most importantly, I am fond of the family spirit that reigns within the club. You will always need a team behind you because without the support of your club, you won’t get anywhere.

 François STB


Kids’ trainer

I have known Manuel Da Costa (the club’s chairman) and Delfim Antonio for a long time and one day I decided to try. I really enjoyed it so I kept coming back. I really like Muay Thai’s spirit.


Sarah STB


Station agent

WMF Amateur World Silver Medalist

It has been a long time I love boxing. I used to watch boxing movies with my brothers, like the Rocky series. I used to love those movies. Later, I registered at Strasbourg Thai Boxing because my brothers were also registered there. I like this club, they are like my family.

Kenny et Alik

Kenny & Alik


National Vice Champion & National Junior Champion

My passion for boxing has been there for a long time. My cousins, my father and my grandfather were into English boxing. So when my son Alik took up Thai boxing, I went to see him train and that’s when I decided I had to return to sport. I liked the atmosphere that reigns within the club straight away! After a year, I decided to throw myself into competition and won my first fight in July 2014. Thai boxing restored my self-confidence and I am so proud to be supported by such implicated trainers on a daily basis. I see them everyday when I go to practice, they are like my family.




It really is a technically complete sport, that’s why after trying English boxing and Kick boxing I decided to choose Thai boxing. I also chose Strasbourg Thai boxing because it’s a very serious club where our trainers really support us when we compete.

Valentina STB



WMF Amateur World Silver Medalist

I tried many sports like dancing, tennis, etc. but couldn’t find the one that would motivate me to go to the gym every night. Thai Boxing is different, I liked it straight away and after 2 months I decided to compete. I lost my first fight and it gave me more motivation to win the next one. I also like the spiritual, historical and popular aspects of this sport.

A training for everyone



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