Delfim Antonio STB


Head Trainer

There is a good spirit in Muay Thai. I also like the traditional Thai values this sport conveys. People who practice Muay Thai are also very respectful toward each other.

Hamed STB


Adults’ trainer

Muay Thai is a sport that helps you challenge yourself, it gives you the opportunity to know yourself better. The values that this sport conveys, such as listening, self-sacrifice, determination and assiduity can also be useful in your personal and professional life. And most importantly, I am fond of the family spirit that reigns within the club. You will always need a team behind you because without the support of your club, you won’t get anywhere.

 François STB


Kids’ trainer

I have known Manuel Da Costa (the club’s chairman) and Delfim Antonio for a long time and one day I decided to try. I really enjoyed it so I kept coming back. I really like Muay Thai’s spirit.