Sarah STB


Station agent

WMF Amateur World Silver Medalist

It has been a long time I love boxing. I used to watch boxing movies with my brothers, like the Rocky series. I used to love those movies. Later, I registered at Strasbourg Thai Boxing because my brothers were also registered there. I like this club, they are like my family.

Kenny et Alik

Kenny & Alik


National Vice Champion & National Junior Champion

My passion for boxing has been there for a long time. My cousins, my father and my grandfather were into English boxing. So when my son Alik took up Thai boxing, I went to see him train and that’s when I decided I had to return to sport. I liked the atmosphere that reigns within the club straight away! After a year, I decided to throw myself into competition and won my first fight in July 2014. Thai boxing restored my self-confidence and I am so proud to be supported by such implicated trainers on a daily basis. I see them everyday when I go to practice, they are like my family.




It really is a technically complete sport, that’s why after trying English boxing and Kick boxing I decided to choose Thai boxing. I also chose Strasbourg Thai boxing because it’s a very serious club where our trainers really support us when we compete.

Valentina STB



WMF Amateur World Silver Medalist

I tried many sports like dancing, tennis, etc. but couldn’t find the one that would motivate me to go to the gym every night. Thai Boxing is different, I liked it straight away and after 2 months I decided to compete. I lost my first fight and it gave me more motivation to win the next one. I also like the spiritual, historical and popular aspects of this sport.